The Art Roninjitsu


The techniques and philosophy of Roninjitsu is based upon the properties of the five elements: AIR, WIND, WATER, EARTH and FIRE. When a Roninjitsu warrior is placed in a hostile environment, forced to engage an enemy or enters into unwanted conflicts, he begins his transition into one of the five elements depending on the situation. The Roninjitsu warrior trains in each of the five elements until he has mastered the techniques and philosophy of each element.

It takes years of dedication, hard work and training to reach a state where the mind and body unites as one, where thoughts transform into actions and movement flows without effort. With proper training and guidance, those who seek the way of the Roninjitsu warrior will master the techniques and philosophy of the five elements. The path to enlightenment starts by opening the mind and conditioning the body. A brief overview of the philosophy of the five elements is presented below.

AIR is considered the most neutral of the five elements. It is the state of negotiation where things are still calm and where there is no need for movement or actions. In the state of AIR, a trained warrior will use the influence of the mind techniques and language manipulation skills to control the situation and the environment. When the opponent seeks to bring out the darkness within his heart, the Roninjitsu warrior will become the light that guides them to the right path. Roninjitsu warriors are trained to quickly assess the situation before it becomes out of control.
WIND is the state where positioning and movement begins to take place. When the state of being AIR is not a possibility, one moves forward into the state of WIND. When a Roninjitsu warrior enters into the WIND state, he begins to prepare himself and increases his focus and awareness of the situation and environment. His body movement and actions will mimic that of the WIND flowing like a breeze to a full-blown hurricane. There is movement involved in the WIND state but a trained Roninjitsu warrior uses the WIND state to cool down the situations without being overly aggressive or forceful.
WATER begins to flow once the WIND state can no longer be applied. When a trained Roninjitsu warrior is forced to enter into the WATER state because of the situation, they prepare themselves mentally before engaging the enemy and begin to position themselves for evasive maneuvers. WATER techniques are applied with more force than that of the WIND techniques and is considered more aggressive than that of WIND and AIR. It was designed to bring down the biggest of mountains and the most aggressive of enemies with flowing movements and strikes.
EARTH is used once WATER has been released and requires more assertive techniques to manipulate the situation. The Roninjitsu warrior uses the EARTH state to assert more force towards the enemy and to defend his safety zone. The harder the enemy strikes, the more force and pain he will feel upon his impact. If the enemy pushes, a wall will rise like a mountain and boulders shall fall upon him where he will no longer want to engage. The EARTH techniques are solid strikes and designed to protect the Roninjitsu warrior from multiple attacks and to stop the aggression.
FIRE is the most aggressive of the 5 elements. It is used only when the Roninjitsu warrior has no other alternatives but to defend his life or the life of others. Only certain levels of Roninjitsu warriors are allowed to practice this state while in the dojo. FIRE was designed to burn the enemy and leave nothing at risk. Broken bones, blindness and even death may arise from the flames of a trained Roninjitsu warriors. An enemy who threatens to take innocent lives or play with with fire will burn with every aggression and hostility towards the Roninjitsu warrior.
Master Trainer Jade