About Master Trainer Jade

Born in the late 60’s in Thailand, he started his journey down the path of becoming a Martial-Artist in the streets of Bangkok with Thai Boxing as his first discipline. The streets of Bangkok were dangerous during those time so learning to survive in the street was necessary. Like many children in Thailand, by the age of 6 he had already learned the basics of Muay Thai. He eventually migrated to the US at the age of 8 where he had to adopt to the new culture and language. Asians were not well accepted at the time when he moved to the US as the Vietnam war had just finished in the early 70’s. He was prohibited from fighting in school by his parents and had to deal with many years of the racial bullying by a handful of kids in school. Eventually the bullying went away in 3rd grade when he stood up for himself and took on the biggest bully in school during a hockey game in PE class.

At the age of 13 he first began to explore Shotokan Karate but then discovered both Taijutsu and the art of kung fu and decided to study in both disciplines instead. He also started to train with traditional martial arts weapons like the nunchaku, sai, bo and tonfa. He also started training with other friends that were practicing Karate, Taekwondo and kung fu at the time.

At the age of 15 he relocated to Switzerland where he continued to train in Kung-fu and joined a martial-art academy where he had access to Judo and aikido training. At the age of 16 he discovered Ninjutsu and fell in love with it. This was in the early 80’s where Ninjutsu training was available only as a weeklong seminar throughout different countries in Europe.

He attended many seminars throughout Europe traveling to Germany, UK, France, Belgium and a few other countries. He attended many of the Bunjinkan and a few of the Genbukan seminars and also trained with other underground Ninjitsu organization at the time. Having met many other Martial artists during his travels he became friends with a group of independent masters that called themselves Ronins, (Masterless Warriors). Like Master Jade, they felt that the modern ninja organizations became too commercialized, and it was more about monetary gains than the actual art itself. He finally broke away from most of the Ninjutsu organization because of a few bad experiences with one of the instructors during a seminar.

At the age of 17 he started to teach self-defense to many of his friends and those who were interested and by the age 19, he opened his first school in Geneva, Switzerland and began teaching Modern Ninjitsu and referred to it as “Close Combat.” He continued to train with other martial artists and also was invited to do a seminar with the local municipal police force on a few of their self-defense training.

He traveled a few times to Japan and to China to train with the other Ronin Masters who have chosen to remain in the shadows. On occasion he would also travel to Thailand and visit some of the local Muay Thai camps and work out with some of the locals. He also joined the Swiss nunchaku combat organization that held regular nunchaku tournaments that competed with other European nunchaku organizations. He eventually renamed his style of “Close Combat/Modern Ninjutsu” to Roninjitsu to honor the other Ronin Masters and brothers that he had trained with during the recent years. While livi xng in Europe he worked as an armed security guard and a part-time bodyguard for several high-profile clients during the weekday and weekends while continuing to teach in the evening.

At the age of 25 he returned to the US and began his quest in higher education. He finished his GED and went on to college and received his Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree. He continued to give self-defense and Roninjitsu classes during his college years but eventually had to take a break from teaching for many years as life, family and other responsibilities took priority. He eventually found his way back to Roninjitsu and began training and teaching again.

Fast forward, he eventually moved to Las Vegas with the goal of opening a new dojo, but the pandemic stopped everything. So instead of waiting for everything to get back to normal again, he decided to start sharing some of his knowledge by making videos on TikTok in 2020 as “roninjitsu.com” for his son and those interested in Roninjitsu, just in case something happens to him in the near future with old age and with the direction in which the world is moving.

He would love to share more on TikTok, but the platform is not Martial arts friendly, and they tend to take down many videos that fall under their vague community guidelines. As a matter of fact, his account was closed with 150k followers for unspecified reasons. TikTok has not responded. Instead of just giving up, he started a new account “RoninjitsuMT” and have just recently started to branch out posting to Instagram, Youtube and Facebook also with the user ID of “RoninjitsuMT.” He will begin posting more training content on these platforms as their restriction seem to be more reasonable and less vague.

If you like his content on TikTok or what he is sharing and would like to support him in his content, you can donate or browse through some of the items available for purchase on this website. Thank you again for your support and interests.