Make A Wish Foundation

Master trainer Jade with Chance

Master Somjad was invited by the ‘Make-a-Wish Foundation’ to help make a child’s wish come true.

The Make-a-Wish Foundation grants thousands of “wishes” to children diagnosed with critical illnesses throughout the United States each year. Chance, an incredible 5 year old boy diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma, had a special wish.  Many children would wish to go to Disney Land, go on a vacation, a shopping spree or even meet a celebrity but not Chance. He wished that he could become a Ninja so that he can make the world a safer place for everyone by helping to fight crime and bad people.

While having lunch with his family at his favorite restaurant, some bad ninjas’ came in and stole his mother’s purse and then ran away. The police arrived at the scene and took a report but since they were dealing with “ninjas,” had to call in Master Somjad. This was Chance’s opportunity to become a ninja and help save the day! Ajan Jade took Chance under his wings for the day and trained him in his Dojo, to become the “Ultimate Ninja.”

Chance has the spirit of a true shadow-warrior and is definitely a hero at heart. Even though he struggles each day with his own fight against a horrible illness, he still has the strength, the courage and the kindness in his heart to help make the world a better place for all of us. We pray for you Chance and hope that your fight with Rhabdomyosarcoma be victorious!

Visit the Make-a-Wish Foundation’s Website to see the full story!